16 February 2007


Yay, a job

In the short news category: I still have some problems believing it ... I've had some job interviews over the last couple of weeks, but only one of them felt like it went really well. Apparently it did, since within one week I've done both a first and second interview at a Delft-based company that specialises in service management software... and been asked to start this Monday :D

09 February 2007


In-between holiday

After having worked at a small local company for a couple of months, I decided to quit it and find something else. Apart from being a bit too boring the job itself was not bad, but there was very little I could do without having to consult a colleague (or rather, the one who was doing my job earlier). So now, partially with thanks to a very active job agency, I've had a couple of interviews (two this week, two earlier) and if all goes well, I'll have a job again quite soon.
Not having any regular schedule has its problems though. My sleeping pattern is quite irregular lately (going to sleep anywhere between 10 PM and 5 AM) and although a holiday in between is nice, it does invite to not doing much except for slacking off... ;)

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