22 January 2007


The start of a story

Not really nervous, but quite curious about how it would turn out, I started my DnD campaign last Friday with a proven method to get a party together. Since all characters have their own background and have already done a couple of years of travelling, I got them to end up in the same town before starting, but still had to find a way for them to meet each other. And that is where a troll attack comes in handy ... especially if the town guards rush to all inns to get out everyone capable of fighting :)
The trolls defeated, the party got together and we saw some pretty nice interaction between what could become a dangerous combination, should they get along well: a goodie-two-shoes fighter, a dwarf who can be described as "muscles" (another fighter), an extremely self-confident and ├╝ber-charismatic sorcerer, a silent old rogue with "some skills", and a druid with an XXL wolf.
The rest of the evening went quite smooth as well and I am really happy with the large amount of roleplaying the group did. Next to that, I received a compliment from one of them, our previous DM who helped me out with a couple of things, saying that he was happily surprised at the way I handled things. A nice morale booster to make the next session even better.

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