26 January 2007


Hurray for volunteers

Volunteers are useful. They do lots of work out of their own free will, without being paid or in return for something small. Some organisations, such as the NFB, are completely run by volunteers. Board, working groups, tournament organisers, everyone.
All very well, and I too enjoy doing work "just because I like it" - but you will have to show your appreciation for your volunteers. Sometimes by paying them just a little for the work they do, sometimes by organising an event for them. We are already doing the former, and will now do the latter as well: the first NFB volunteers' weekend is to take place this Saturday and Sunday.
The only thing our visitors (and we as board) have to do is to take time to be there: everything is paid for. We've made a basic schedule with a number of discussion rounds in which people can choose from various subjects, to get everyone's ideas on how we should continue now that our organisation is really starting to grow. Of course with respect to the amount of members, but mostly with respect to the size and spread of the projects we take up. And given the fact that we have already heard lots of interesting ideas, the weekend will no doubt turn out to be a great success.

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