17 January 2007


Erm, more meetings? Sure.

Hurray for spare time, since it makes it possible for me to do stuff! Which often means, preparing things for other spare time occasions ;)
As said before, the start of my DnD campaign is this Friday. I can hardly wait till the party, five in total, comes to play out their meeting up and face some of the first problems I will lay before them ... this all of course not without a good meal and lots of laughter. One of the group already knows a little bit of what might be going to happen, since his character already noticed something. Out-of-character agony, brilliant! I'll have to read through all the stuff again earlier that Friday though, it's been a little while since I wrote it and one never knows what road the players choose, except that it's not the one you thought they would ;)
Then we have the KDE new year's reception this Saturday. A good starting point to reinforce my KDE involvement. I have done way too little KDE stuff lately (the last serious thing being the Flake meeting), time to turn that mental switch back and get working.
Next up, a league day on Sunday. Demoted after the previous day in December, we're now down in the fourth division (out of six) where we should be able to win a couple of games and prove that a couple of our losses in the third division can be accounted to our opponents being better instead of us not playing well.
Weekend over, and then still no rest, since next week will be busy as well with a long meeting on Monday, and the NFB volunteers' weekend that Saturday and Sunday. I'm looking forward to both, since they will both be new experiences and could prove very useful.

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