26 January 2007


Hurray for volunteers

Volunteers are useful. They do lots of work out of their own free will, without being paid or in return for something small. Some organisations, such as the NFB, are completely run by volunteers. Board, working groups, tournament organisers, everyone.
All very well, and I too enjoy doing work "just because I like it" - but you will have to show your appreciation for your volunteers. Sometimes by paying them just a little for the work they do, sometimes by organising an event for them. We are already doing the former, and will now do the latter as well: the first NFB volunteers' weekend is to take place this Saturday and Sunday.
The only thing our visitors (and we as board) have to do is to take time to be there: everything is paid for. We've made a basic schedule with a number of discussion rounds in which people can choose from various subjects, to get everyone's ideas on how we should continue now that our organisation is really starting to grow. Of course with respect to the amount of members, but mostly with respect to the size and spread of the projects we take up. And given the fact that we have already heard lots of interesting ideas, the weekend will no doubt turn out to be a great success.

22 January 2007


The start of a story

Not really nervous, but quite curious about how it would turn out, I started my DnD campaign last Friday with a proven method to get a party together. Since all characters have their own background and have already done a couple of years of travelling, I got them to end up in the same town before starting, but still had to find a way for them to meet each other. And that is where a troll attack comes in handy ... especially if the town guards rush to all inns to get out everyone capable of fighting :)
The trolls defeated, the party got together and we saw some pretty nice interaction between what could become a dangerous combination, should they get along well: a goodie-two-shoes fighter, a dwarf who can be described as "muscles" (another fighter), an extremely self-confident and ├╝ber-charismatic sorcerer, a silent old rogue with "some skills", and a druid with an XXL wolf.
The rest of the evening went quite smooth as well and I am really happy with the large amount of roleplaying the group did. Next to that, I received a compliment from one of them, our previous DM who helped me out with a couple of things, saying that he was happily surprised at the way I handled things. A nice morale booster to make the next session even better.

17 January 2007


Erm, more meetings? Sure.

Hurray for spare time, since it makes it possible for me to do stuff! Which often means, preparing things for other spare time occasions ;)
As said before, the start of my DnD campaign is this Friday. I can hardly wait till the party, five in total, comes to play out their meeting up and face some of the first problems I will lay before them ... this all of course not without a good meal and lots of laughter. One of the group already knows a little bit of what might be going to happen, since his character already noticed something. Out-of-character agony, brilliant! I'll have to read through all the stuff again earlier that Friday though, it's been a little while since I wrote it and one never knows what road the players choose, except that it's not the one you thought they would ;)
Then we have the KDE new year's reception this Saturday. A good starting point to reinforce my KDE involvement. I have done way too little KDE stuff lately (the last serious thing being the Flake meeting), time to turn that mental switch back and get working.
Next up, a league day on Sunday. Demoted after the previous day in December, we're now down in the fourth division (out of six) where we should be able to win a couple of games and prove that a couple of our losses in the third division can be accounted to our opponents being better instead of us not playing well.
Weekend over, and then still no rest, since next week will be busy as well with a long meeting on Monday, and the NFB volunteers' weekend that Saturday and Sunday. I'm looking forward to both, since they will both be new experiences and could prove very useful.

13 January 2007


A new year with new opportunities

Winter holidays are over, and it is time to get on with the new year and with new things in sight. A short overview of what has been going through my mind lately...
My own DnD campaign is starting to get a little flesh. During the LAN party we held last week, and during this week when not at work, I've been spending quite some time to help the others creating their characters. The results: preparations for the first few sessions are almost finished and a couple of players are done already. There's a lot of enthousiasm and I'm really looking forward to it. What's even better, my mentioning it to an acquaintance (who's done RPGs before, but no DnD) has made her want to join in :) I'll be starting a second group instead, but things like this are just plain nice.
A couple of days ago, I've accepted doing a talk about KDE documentation at FOSDEM. So it's time to get back into KDE (well, it's been so for a couple of months, but now I have an excuse :P) and check out what the current state of KDE 4 is.
There are a couple of NFB meetings coming up - a general board meeting tomorrow, a volunteers' weekend in two weeks, and the members' assembly in March. Starting to think about stepping back in half a year or a year (possibly staying one more year in a different position to ease the transition to a new board), I'll have to make sure everything is in order before doing so. Hence, getting a clear list of what still needs to be done, and clearing the backlog.
And more, of course, but this should be enough for now :)

02 January 2007


Happy 2007!

As expected, I haven't been able to write much in the last two weeks of the year. There have been some noteworthy things, but until I put myself to do all that stuff that still needs to be done, this will have to wait. I'm forcing myself to do less at a time currently.
Wish you all a healthy and pleasant new year!

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