18 December 2006


That time of year again

Although the weather doesn't make it feel so (8 degrees Celsius at day and only one night below zero halfway December?), it is only a week till Christmas and two weeks till we're living in 2007. And even though I'm not a large-festivities-during-holiday person, I'll be rather busy this year for a change.
The NFB members administration has finally been migrated to a new program and it is now time to walk through my inbox, follow up to all notices of changes that I have been sent over the last months, and send the associated clubs a list with what should be the current list of members. I should do that today - although I'm pretty tired after buying a new bed, visiting the optician, doing all kinds of shopping, and getting the bed to my apartment, four flights up.
But there's more. I've been invited to go and see the Don Cossacks in Rotterdam at Christmas Day - probably one of the few performances I don't mind seeing more often: the members of the choir are not only very good singers and musicians, but their acting and other performing is brilliant as well.
Some paid work in between as well - how I love exploring the depths of webbased mail administration tools - and keeping social contacts by inviting and being invited over for games, coffee, DnD, or new year's eve, make up for the rest of 2006.

10 December 2006


Back from up north

And so I'm home again from my short trip to Stockholm.
A bit disoriented due to the much shorter days (not being used to sunset before 4), but it's a nice town even when dark - and good company to talk with while strolling through town definitely helps, especially if that company knows the town a bit :)
My feet are quite tired though due to the large amounts of sloped streets with cobblestones, and dancing at Forodrim didn't help either. But that only adds more to the feeling of having a few days well spent.

04 December 2006



Friends over... meetings... weekend-off preparations... all things that are fun to do, but tiresome when in large quantities. The weather doesn't help either, it's wet and stormy.
I still haven't managed to catch up with KDE stuff (and I really want to, there's so much to be done!), but I should have time for that after this week. Until then, not much news. Nor the energy to write much.
One happy side note: I have thrown away one project that we've been able to outsource. Hurray, less worries.

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