23 November 2006


The question is, who cares?

Which is not only what Statler and Waldorf asked each other about a Mahnamahna, but also what I was wondering when starting my previous attempts to a blog entry late last and earlier this week. I just couldn't find anything interesting. But I realised that there are some things worth scribbling down here, so here goes...
Our parliament elections yesterday. The socialist party got an incredible amount of votes (from 9 to 26 seats), and as no two single parties have a majority, formation will be very hard (see e.g. this BBC News article)
Then quite suddenly, tomorrow I'll pay a visit to my grandma and the very last to my grandpa - earlier today I got the news that he died this morning. Apart from being a bit more quiet, I haven't got unusual feelings yet. I wonder if it will stay like this or if the blow will hit me later on.
At least I am not planning to feel down and out for weeks, yet my earlier planned trip to Enschede Saturday for a night of absolutely tasteless movie excerpts ("De nacht van de wansmaak") won't take place. That will end fairly late and I'd probably be back home in the middle of the night, only to take the train at 8:30 the next morning for an indoor league day.
And then at home, I'm quite busy with setting up my own Dungeons & Dragons adventure, just to try it out once. The game itself is really fun, and I want to see how it is when sitting at the other side of the table, guiding the players instead of walking through the world yourself.
All this makes that my room is a bit of a mess, with all kinds of papers and books lying around. Guess that this Saturday will be cleaning day, before going east :)

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