13 November 2006


KOffice doesn't end here

So now it is back to normal life: a bit of rest today, finishing other minutes, and trying to finally weed out the four months of ancient mail in my inbox that are crying to be moved to their proper places in the archives.
And then, more KOffice work that I want to be done this week. I would really like to make a start with setting up the new documentation framework, while taking a look at the patches that various people are still mailing regarding inconsistencies in the current handbooks. And, I've received the result of scrutinous research in the form of a document describing — for starters — all File menus in KOffice, what their entries do, and what the manuals say about them. This is a very good eye-opener on how our manuals differ and how various actions are perceived differently by the various writers. Which is not bad per se, but it is definitely worth paying some attention to.
Sometimes being busy isn't bad :)

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