13 November 2006


High-bandwidth interaction

I'm back home from Boudewijn's and a summary of the notes I took has already found its way to the commit digest. As I said in my previous post, the meeting has been quite intense. Seven handwritten pages of text which, apart from a somewhat broader transcript of Thomas Zander's Flake overview, only include the most important points and the decisions made, not the in-depth discussions that were often held.
A lot of problems have been solved, but even more important, we have reached agreement on quite some points that prevent us from introducing other ones. With for example Thomas committing his first patches early Sunday morning already and Boudewijn getting more and more desperate to port the Krita tools so that he has a working framework to test against, this "emergency meeting" has proved to be very useful.
Thanks to the Rempt family for their hospitability and the great evening talks we've had about software engineering, roleplaying, linguistics, slavic cultures, and much more :)

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