17 November 2006


Fun with MTG

Not long after I started living in Delft I also started playing Magic. I was quite charmed by the quite complex game and every once in a while a flatmate and I invited some friends to play a couple of games.
As soon as I had some experience with it, I bought some old cards to create a few decks myself.
This happened a few more times over the last years and when I moved out to my current apartment, my now ex-flatmate decided to get some more space in his room and consolidate the cards we both had to one collection, which now fills one of my shelves. And since I bought a part of a collection this week (rough estimate: 2500 cards), it looks like I have to make more room on that shelf -- or on a second one ;)
That ex-flatmate is coming over tonight to browse through the latest additions ... one evening of fun guaranteed.

Oh my god. I've been utterly addicted to Magic for like 7 years now (minus a 1-2 year break). It eats far, far too much time which should rather be spent hacking. The funny bit is I don't even actually /play games/, just design decks and cards all. fucking. day. long.

So if you want to completely tank KDE's productivity, you've found the way :). On the plus side, we could play a game or two.
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