21 October 2006


New camera

My camera, a Nikon F55, died somewhere before aKademy. It was way too young to die, but since I really enjoy taking photographs, not buying a new one simply was not an option. When it was still alive, I had the idea of saving some money, and then in a few years or so, replacing it by a digital SLR camera. Well, so far for that plan: digital SLRs are still a bit too pricy, and since digital compact cameras have become better and better, I decided to go for a non-SLR one instead.
It didn't take me long to find which one I wanted to have: the Canon Powershot S3 IS. Most importantly for me, it has a 12 x optical zoom and a superzoom lens (36-432 mm), and one can set aperture or shutter speed and let the camera calculate the rest (which I did almost exclusively with my F55). The other specs are quite nice as well - it's marked "best choice" at digicamshop.
Oh, and there's two full CDs of imaging and driver software for Windows. Do we need that? Of course not, installing digiKam (I hadn't done so yet) was enough to be able to download pictures to my harddrive.
I'm quite happy with it, a nicely timed birthday present for myself. Although I'm not sure which one I like more: this camera, or the pan filled with soup ingredients I got from some friends yesterday :)

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