26 October 2006


Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to work we go

Gone are the days of sitting at home for weeks: I started my job yesterday. First things first: I plugged in an extra harddrive and made my PC dualboot. The original system is still there should I need to look something up on it, but I refuse to do long-term development under Windows ... Kubuntu to the rescue :)
While it's not immensely exciting from the start (not too surprising), I'm quite glad that I have got some sort of a regular week now: three days of work, and four days for other projects and social life. So, I'll be a bit busier now, especially on weekdays, but I've deliberately chosen to have a part-time job so that I'll have enough time to do lots of other things as well.
Time to head off to work and read up on EJB. *waves happily*

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