22 October 2006



...is a warm puppy, but for those who don't like dogs (and that includes me): fill in what you want.
I took a tour through town to try out my camera today, and must say that I'm pretty impressed. The image stabilising function is quite good, I can even hold the camera in one hand and make sharp photos. The preset scenery modes are nice, especially the "foliage" one, which makes for very nice results in parks and such. Downloading and sorting the photos went like a breeze as well. Never been so happy with not having to install proprietary software with all its own quirks and incompatible ways of saving files. Just a directory tree and an index file. Why does it have to be so much harder elsewhere? Oh, and you want an image gallery? Konqueror to the rescue :)
The rest of the day I've mostly been lazy -- wrote some code, talked to some people. Not extremely satisfying with respect to the amount of work done, but a day off is really nice at times. And besides, one is allowed laziness on his own birthday, I think. I'll make up for it next week.

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