15 October 2006


Cleanup time

The good thing about having a 1-room apartment is that everything is only a few steps away. The kitchen, the book shelves, the couch, you name it. I never need to walk far to fetch something, and having both a desk and a table where I can leave stuff on to continue working with it later, is quite handy at times. But "elk voordeel heb ze nadeel": every pro has its con, quoting the famous oracle Cruyff. I've never had trouble with making piles and stacks on my desk or table, and having lots of space to leave piles without having lots of time to organise them, tends to result in piles being their own paperweight. So, it's time to do a major cleanup... If I disappear for a while, I'm just lost in my own room not being able to find my way with its new, reorganised looks :)

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