29 September 2006


The next generation

With the documentation work for KOffice 1.6 done, it is time for me to look a bit into the future and start coordinating what is affectionately called 'trunk': version 2.0. I've already started documenting the current status, it's very concise for now but I will be add details to it when I feel like reading through the handbooks and summarising them ;)
A second thing I'm working on is an overview of what I think should be the contents of our "next generation" manuals. By reading through the current tables of contents and manuals from other office suites, and adding my own thoughts, I hope to provide a basis that we can use to make really nice documentation for KOffice 2.0.
Obviously, I can't do this all on my own. KOffice development is going at an incredible speed and there are lots of interesting things that need to be described. So if you have a KDE svn account, you can see the commits slowly floating by - and if you're interested in thinking along, you're welcome to do so. (Of course, if you are interested but don't have an account, that's no problem, there's IRC and e-mail :))

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