06 September 2006


More fun with Krita

With the documentation freeze near, it's time to finish off the manual for 1.6. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to add real explanatory chapters, so most changes are in the interface description. I'm planning to do the more general how-to-use chapters after the freeze, so that the next version (1.6.1? 1.7? 2.0?) will have some easier readable text as well.
And for all of you with spare time ;) : any help with the manual (tutorial-like things, usage hints and tips, proofreading, or even some more text) is welcome. Leave a note on the mailing list or drop by on IRC (irc.kde.org, #koffice).
Oh, before I forget. The Perspective tools have been nicely documented on video: see the Krita videos site.

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