10 September 2006


Meetings galore

After an easy week, only disturbed by some PHP/SQL nuisances, it started with an NFB board meeting Friday evening in Amsterdam. Although we were only three, we could work out things quite easily and the meeting was overall quite productive.
I had Saturday morning off, but took the train later that day again to go to the Open Source BBQ, my first and hopefully not last. Throw 30 to 40 nerds in a yard, add charcoal^Wwell-done meat and beer, and mix well. You can figure out the result yourself.
This morning was characterised by a little but irritating headache, and an hour's walk to Tiel station where my journey through the country continued, destination Arnhem. The second NFB meeting of the week, this time a brainstorm session, went fairly well and even sparked some renewed enthousiasm with some of the board members.
Back home around 7, read up with email and IRC backlogs, dinner, and relaxing with a nice can of tea.

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