27 September 2006


KOffice rocks - and its developers even more so

I haven't done much real work today, but still I'm fairly happy about my results. After throwing some thoughts at KOffice and KDE docs team people, I've started doing some actual doc coordination for KOffice. One of the first things I wanted to do is getting clarity about the status of the various handbooks. Within one hour after sending out an email, I already got nice and very clear replies from four (former) maintainers. Alfredo, Ben, Jaroslaw and Mike: thanks! Too bad that not everyone is able to continue contributing, but with the amount of new people asking if there is work in documentation writing, I am sure that we can fill up these gaps pretty soon.
In different news, Sebastian Sauer has done some great job on an ODF tool. I won't go into detail, you'll read about it soon if you follow KOffice a little, but Kross rocks. Period. The dinner today with Inge, Alfredo and Isaac was also pretty nice. As virtually always when some of us meet for food, we've been talking about the chances KOffice has in the near future. It's incredible to see how much enthousiasm and new ideas are sparked at conferences like this one. Oh, and how addicting Wesnoth can be ;)

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