18 September 2006


Discs in Darmstadt

Back from Germany, back from a weekend of ultimate. The Darmstadt-based Ars Ludendi people did once again organise their Poolimate tournament - a great success. Everything was located nearby (the campsite was next to the fields, as were the showers and the party location) and this was accompanied by nice sunny weather.
The open division consisted of 11 teams, so to make the schedule fit in nicely some matches were played against randomly constructed pickup teams. Ours went quite well, although we lost one or two which we could have won if we would have played more secure passes and made less personal errors. That didn't prevent us from having fun though :)
The open final was won by the Feldrenner from Mainz, not surprising since they are this year's German champions. The Nuernberg-Delft combination team left with a nice 7th place.

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