04 September 2006


Back after the summer

Well, there we are... having not blogged for about half a year, I thought it was time I'd pick up the old art of rambling again. I wonder how long it takes this time before it slips away into the wide fields of lost bits.

So to continue where we left... I've had a quite relaxed summer, doing some hiking in Austria, participating in my first LARP (live action role playing) event, and starting a programming project. With a couple of meetings, BBQs and aKademy coming up, I'm glad that I've got an easy university schedule the first two months.

Of course, there's news on the KDE front as well... With KOffice 1.6 in message freeze and documentation freeze scheduled for the 8th, I've been exploring the new features in Krita. The new bezier and MOS tools are extremely nice - see Bart Coppens' blog post for spiffy screenshots. We've also got perspective tools in the pipeline, which Cyrille is busy with, and some other stuff which altogether makes 1.6 an even larger pleasure to work with than 1.5 was already.

And last but not least, I've rewritten the screenshot automation script from scratch. With a totally new wrapper, a configuration file and proper usage information, we can hopefully start automation of making the screenshots for our manual translations soon. (For a quick view, see WebSVN.)

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