25 September 2006


aKademy 2006: Contributors Conference, Day 2

Well, writing the previous post turned out to take too long to write an entry about the second day of the conference as well. Guess I'll have to do that now.
I started the day with the rest of the Community track. Eric Laffoon shared his thoughts about sponsored development, pointing out that money should not be the incentive but merely the enabling factor. Another interesting point of his was, that it's much better to hire an enthousiastic average programmer than an excellent coder who is not motivated at all. The next talk was given by Anne Ƙstergaard, who talked about the lack of women contributing to free software and how that should be solved.
After the coffee break, I joined the Applications track which featured Adriaan de Groot on the English Breakfast Network (if you're ever in need of a nice website name, feed Adriaan a couple of beers) and Mark Purcell on the Debian KDE Extras team.
Then a shortened lunch break to be in time for Gunnar Schmi Dt's talk on accessibility that had been moved from its original slot, and the keynote on software patents. Then some more talks in the Application track, on spectaKle (digital signage), consumer electronics, and Debian-Edu/Skolelinux. All three of them interesting, but I didn't hear any things that are especially noteworthy here.
Inge and I skipped the next talk to go and throw a disc at a nearby grass field - nice to get some exercise when you've been sitting all day. After Sebastian Sauer's talk on Kross (nice examples, and KOffice is getting coverage again, which is always good) and Will Stephenson on network status support, the aKademy awards were presented. No better birthday present than an award for best application, according to Boudewijn. And Krita being my pet application, I'm extremely happy with this!

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