23 September 2006


aKademy 2006: Contributors Conference, Day 1

Day one of the conference is almost over. I am writing this while listening to Inge Wallin's talk about marketing and promotion, "How to make your program popular", which I helped reviewing earlier this morning. His talk basically boils down to: take one quality of your product, emphasise on it in your promotion material, and use all your promotion channels whenever available.
But back to the start of the day. The conference started by two opening talks from locals, followed by Aaron's keynote about self-reflection. What is KDE, what do we consist of? According to him, we are a dynamic community which keeps itself running. Afterwards, I visited the KDE4 track which offered talks by Ellen Reitmayr about user-targeted development (note to self: personas are really useful!), Aaron Seigo again, this time about Plasma, and a combined talk by Matthias Kretz and Kevin Ottens about Phonon and Solid. In the meanwhile, the other hall featured talks on cross desktop development.
A lunch at a nearby pub provided us with enough energy to follow the next talks. John Cherry from OSDL did a keynote about the Linux Desktop. I then went to the talk by John "J5" Palmieri, who had a very strong message about the relation between GNOME and KDE. "Repeat after me: Competition and cooperation are not mutually exclusive" (if I rephrase correctly).
Since the temperature was getting quite high, I decided on a short break and went back to the talks after the second coffee break, visiting the three Community talks. First a talk about organising events by Martijn Klingens and Claire Lotion of KDE-MWG and KDE-NL fame. Then a talk by Kevin Krammer on user support - apparently the amount of user questions is way too high for the few people who are answering them. And then Inge who is now answering audience questions.
So, time to finish this entry. I'm planning some more socialising before leaving for dinner: pizza, kindly sponsored by Nokia.

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