31 March 2006


Assembler matters

It's been two weeks already since I blogged. Time for an update on the various parts of my highly interesting life. You've all been waiting for this! ;)

Most importantly, and hence the title of this post, my involvement in the new assembler project for first year's students that is going to start next Monday. The introductory practical went very well, even though there was only limited time to finish it (4 sessions, 16 hours in total), almost everyone who started it, finished nicely within time. The Media and Knowledge Engineering students are done with assembler for now, the Software Technology students on the other hand have more to come...
The project is almost final now, we only need to implement some I/O routines to have some framework -- the 6502 processor didn't have any I/O on its own, everything was memory-mapped to expansion cards. I'm currently finalising the manual and the info sheets, my partner-in-crime Bas is searching his way through the I/O stuff, and our third colleague Jan David will prepare the kickoff session. Everything should go well, but of course we know not everything will, we just have to find out ;)

Secondly, after the members' meeting of the NFB last Sunday, we have a full treasurer, and a new board member for our growth "department". Although the meeting itself did not go as fluently as we would have liked to, we now have the people to do it better next time, and we're very happy with that.
Then, this weekend will see the NBK (Dutch Cup Championships) Indoor, two days of ultimate fun and the last indoor games I'll play before October. Apart from that fun, there's work to do as well: a couple of board members will gather there for some talking, and I'll have a short meet-up with our webmaster to discuss the moving of our web site to a new hosting provider.

And then, of course, the gentle game of war. Can't help it, must mention The Last Knights again ;) There has been a split into two servers (fun and pro) recently, which makes it somewhat more quiet if you play on only one server (you can play on both, if you want to), which most people seem to like - including me. I was part of the leading group of my initial country on the fun server, and it was just a little less stressful than before the split (still stressful, though, when you're almost the only one online)... A new age on the pro server has just started, and on the fun server we'll have a new one in a week. You won't hear me say that I've got nothing to do ;)

To summarise a long story: I'm having fun :)

17 March 2006


Long time no see

It's been a while since my last post. Partially because of time constraints, and partially because there was not really much to write about. And still, only a few short things are worth mentioning...
- already 2 students managed to finish the 16-hours assembler practical before and in the first 2 hours session
- the Dutch national ladies frisbee team will have a beach practice to prepare for Rimini this Sunday, and asked players from our region to form an opposing team
- still half an hour left before my bread is baked
- and I'm planning on buying a new laptop... but I also want to save for aKademy and some other foreign trips this summer.

04 March 2006


Disc news

The indoor ultimate season has finished and we are therefore busy preparing the outdoor season. This year in condensed form, with only 4 playing days, since there will be a co-ed league afer the summer break. Not only is that a major difference (less days to play, but a more dynamic system), but I've also got a personal point of pride: the outdoor season is going to see the new Dutch ultimate rules come in effect, which have been prepared by Bart and me. We've sent quite some time in order to get the rules right to our feeling, and we're delighted that they have been accepted almost literally. For example, we have closed a couple of loopholes, added some rules (up till now, it would have been completely legal to play 11 against 4), and re-worded practically all rules in order to make them more consistent.
Then, March 26th is going to be a big day. The NFB is holding its biannual BLV (bondsledenvergadering, "association members' meeting"), and as usual in March, the annual report and financial status for the preceding year will be discussed. Since we became the new board in March 2005, we have started a couple of new projects and we have become involved in a lot of interesting things. Now for the green light, so that we can continue our current line of working. We will, by the way, introduce two new board members -- we've finally got a treasurer, and we have a new enthousiastic board member who will focus on the growth of flying disc sports in the Netherlands: schools, a city league, specific tournaments, etcetera.
So, there's a lot going on. We're really active, and I'm proud to be part of this highly energetic and enthousiastic group :)

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