12 February 2006


Music to fight wars by

If, like me, you're commander of an online army, and like to play music, your music choice will no doubt be influenced by your online doings... For example:
- when you're kicking shit out of a couple of European armies: Europe - The Final Countdown
- when you're on the plains or steppes and do some strikes: Jonah Lewie - Stop The Cavalry
- when you're either English or French, and fight on Belgian territory: ABBA - Waterloo
- when you're kicking Scotland's ass off the map: Corries - The Massacre of Glencoe
- and my favourite when I was part of the Ottoman Empire: Iron Maiden - Alexander the Great
These are all location related. Some more general titles:
- John Phillip Sousa - When Johnny Comes Marching Down
- Bee Gees - The Battle of the Blue & Gray
- Status Quo - In The Army Now
- Fate - Point of no return
etcetera. Lots of good music to keep you in the mood!

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