19 February 2006



My ADSL provider, Demon Internet, has changed the connection speeds they offer. Until the end of March, everyone is allowed to change to one of the new speed offers without paying switching costs. My current connection is a 2 Mbit line for 34.50 euro per month, and the three normal ADSL options now available are 1.5 Mbit for 21.95, 3 Mbit for 31.00, or 6 Mbit for 36.50. As I don't really need an extremely high speed like 6 Mbit, but do like a decent download rate, I originally thought of cutting the price a little and going to more speed for less money. However, considering that a little downgrade would actually save me lots more, I eventually decided to get the 1.5 Mbit option. Still fast enough to reasonably download e.g. ISO images or other larger files, and a saving of over 10 euro compared to my current 2 Mbit line.

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