27 February 2006


FOSDEM is over

A weekend is over before you know. Especially at FOSDEM.
Friday early afternoon, Thomas (the friend with whom I went on holiday to Austria) and me departed from Delft to arrive in Brussels at about half past two. A little search for the hotel, where I deposited part of my luggage (the non-electronics half), and we left to see the town centre and visit some churches. After all, we're still interested in church and royal history, respectively. A few hours later, a group of other friends arrived and together we went back to the hotel. Not too long after, we went for dinner and ended up at the pizzeria we visited last year as well. Good food, good fillings for our next event, the Halloween cafe. A couple of Belgian beers (and some fantas) later, we went back to the hotel.
The next day was the first real FOSDEM day. I got part of the keynote talk and following discussion (Richard Stallman about the GPLv3), and then went on to lunch. After that, I visited the KDE developers room for Jonathan Riddell's talk on Kubuntu. I talked to some KDE colleagues and, together with Sebastian K├╝gler, decided upon the schedule for my own quick talks. Although Sebastian's talk seemed interesting, I visited the XGL talk instead. More people had that idea, the room was way too small for all attendees to fit in... An excellent Indian dinner and a second visit to Halloween concluded the day.
Sunday then. A little headache, but breakfast helped enough to feel fit again. I started with Raphael Langerhorst's talk about KOffice in enterprise environments before lunchtime. More chatting in the KDE room easily filled the time for my first quick talk on screenshot automation. Apparently I did quite well, since all feedback was really positive. After a short break, it was then time for Bart Coppens to do his talk on Krita. Its possibilities and potential were clearly highlighted, but unfortunately its instability also showed. Nevertheless, the presentation was well given. I continued with my second quick talk on the KOffice user interface, the slides of which are available on the KOffice developers page. The day ended with the last part of the OpenCA talk and the excellent presentation by Jeff Waugh on desktop challenges. We went back to the train station, and I arrived back home at half past eleven. Time for bed...

19 February 2006



My ADSL provider, Demon Internet, has changed the connection speeds they offer. Until the end of March, everyone is allowed to change to one of the new speed offers without paying switching costs. My current connection is a 2 Mbit line for 34.50 euro per month, and the three normal ADSL options now available are 1.5 Mbit for 21.95, 3 Mbit for 31.00, or 6 Mbit for 36.50. As I don't really need an extremely high speed like 6 Mbit, but do like a decent download rate, I originally thought of cutting the price a little and going to more speed for less money. However, considering that a little downgrade would actually save me lots more, I eventually decided to get the 1.5 Mbit option. Still fast enough to reasonably download e.g. ISO images or other larger files, and a saving of over 10 euro compared to my current 2 Mbit line.

17 February 2006


Last indoor games

After a day of teleworking-outside-home (colleagues with well-equipped study rooms are nice to have), I'm looking forward to this Sunday: the final matches of our indoor ultimate league. Home games this time, so we should be able to get some moral support to get us going...

12 February 2006


Music to fight wars by

If, like me, you're commander of an online army, and like to play music, your music choice will no doubt be influenced by your online doings... For example:
- when you're kicking shit out of a couple of European armies: Europe - The Final Countdown
- when you're on the plains or steppes and do some strikes: Jonah Lewie - Stop The Cavalry
- when you're either English or French, and fight on Belgian territory: ABBA - Waterloo
- when you're kicking Scotland's ass off the map: Corries - The Massacre of Glencoe
- and my favourite when I was part of the Ottoman Empire: Iron Maiden - Alexander the Great
These are all location related. Some more general titles:
- John Phillip Sousa - When Johnny Comes Marching Down
- Bee Gees - The Battle of the Blue & Gray
- Status Quo - In The Army Now
- Fate - Point of no return
etcetera. Lots of good music to keep you in the mood!

05 February 2006


Gaming time again

I've started playing The Last Knights again. There have been massive changes since I last played, and I don't consider all of them to be improvements, but overall the game is getting better. It's just fun to be an army commander, train your soldiers, and do real-life communication in order to defend other countries. Especially if you're in a country together with people you know, the lines of contact can be quite short and therefore effective enough. If you want to give it a try, here is a link, please show me my blog is read by people with the same interests :)

04 February 2006


More course changes

A while ago I had decided to drop two courses and take two other ones instead. A third switch is now on the list. One of my electives has been rescheduled to a time where I already have another lecture, so I've decided to drop that course and follow one that does fit into the schedule instead. Luckily I noticed the rescheduling just in time... since the start of the third quarter is this Monday.

02 February 2006



Okay... so it's cold. Partially in reality (we don't get too far above 0 degrees this week), partially because there are various 'freezes'. Most directly hitting me: the KOffice documentation, which includes that of Krita, my own pet project, cannot be committed to anymore for this release [2006-02-02 13:00: the freeze is postponed until Sunday]. Furthermore, there's a deadline for the talks schedule at FOSDEM, where I'll give two (short) talks, which meant I had to think of titles and abstracts. And there's a soft deadline tomorrow for the 6502 project. We'll overshoot that one due to circmustances, unfortunately. It's cold enough as it is :)

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