28 January 2006


Free. At least... Quite.

Having done three exams lately, I'm glad that I have one free week ahead. Although I don't really dislike exams, they do take away quite some time, and in my case, that translates to a room that urgently needs to be tidied. So that's one thing I'm going to do.
Krita's documentation is hugely benefiting from my spare time :) - the basics are complete now. I still want to expand some sections, and of course much and much more information, especially backgrounds on colorspaces, layers, and stuff, should be added in later editions.
I'm also spending time on finding a graduation project. I found an interesting subject (related to large scale modelling and testability) which wasn't immediately disapproved of, and it looks like it might be very well feasible... but no certainties yet...

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