17 December 2005


Why are you so poor? - Healthcare.

Starting January 2006, a new healthcare system will be active in the Netherlands. The difference between public and private healthcare is going to be abolished, and everyone is obliged to have a basic health insurance which is the same for everyone. Those who want additional care can take a more expensive insurance. That sounds good, in principle. But in my opinion, this new system is total and utter s**t.
For example, I'm now suddenly required to be insured of my own. Previously, students who didn't live at home, because of their studies, could still be insured with their parents. The new system does not allow that anymore. All children over 18 are required to pay for themselves.
Okay, so that's a nuisance. But not really a good reason to detest the system, you might say. Well, the most important reason is indeed a different one. The "basic" health insurance, the compulsory part, contains too much stuff I don't need, but still have to pay for. For example gynaeacology, ergotherapy, or diet advice. On the other hand, only dentist costs for children under 18 are fully covered, if you're older you'll only be insured for specialist treatment. And the coverage I would like to have, for ophthalmologic care, glasses or contact lenses, etcetera, is - as far as I have seen at the insurance company web sites I've been perusing - only possible when paying for the most complete package, which includes psychological treatment, anticonception, and full means of alternative medication.
And so I'm stuck with paying almost 90 euros a month for a compulsory insurance I will - worst case (that is, if I need it most) - only be needing for 2/3rds, maximum. That will mean more work in order to provide me with income, and less extras. With thanks to the government.

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