01 December 2005


More work, more fun

Yes, I'm still alive :)
My workload however has increased somewhat more, so there's not much time to post blog entries - although I've come across interesting stuff the past days. My time is currently being spent on getting my own courses done and on preparing the new x86 assembly project for first year's students.
Oh, and that one's getting more fun each day. My plans are to have them create a basic emulator for the 6502 processor (the one from the Commodore 64/128, the Apple ][, and more) on which we can then run simple programs with some x86 assembly tricks for input and output. Unfortunately doing I/O is not as simple as merely doing some memory fiddling, as that was handled by external cards, and we don't have the time to emulate those as well. Luckily one can call C library routines, so just pushing arguments on the stack and then calling printf is enough to get text on the screen. It's not the real thing though - but there are reasonable programs to write in textmode only, and it's a nice exercise. Of course, being able to run a C64 Basic interpreter would be very cool, but that won't be realistic I'm afraid.

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