02 December 2005


Hotmail? s/Hot/G/, please

I've never been fond of Hotmail, but when I got one of those addresses to maintain, I didn't really feel like setting up a new address in place, so I tried to customise it to my preferences. I gave up very fast when I realised how awkward Hotmail's quoting is, and that all line breaks are stripped from the painfully constructed signature as soon as it is appended to your message.
So I quickly changed over to Gmail and sent my most important contacts a change-of-address notice. The rest will come later (I'll keep on reading the old address every once in a while). Come on guys, webmail needn't be that annoying...

I'm not fond of Hotmail either [1]. But I only keep it because it's my MSN ID.

[1] http://bramblogt.blogspot.com/2005/07/hete-post.html
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