10 December 2005


Changing courses

It took me some time thinking about it, but I made the choice to fill in a request form to change my course list for my MSc studies. The 3D Computer Graphics course I'm currently taking is fun, but it's very unlikely I'll be able to finish it. It's not a compulsory course, not even a specialisation course for the graduation direction I'm aiming at, so it should not be that much of a problem. Finding a replacement course was a bigger problem though, luckily I managed to find a course on agent-based modelling which I hope to use in my graduation project.
And there's a course I planned doing which is not being taught anymore (at least not this year or next year) which I have replaced as well. The replacement course is on environmental philosophy, good for some general thinking skills, I hope.

I have also changed some other plans, mostly to restrain myself from doing too much other things, to make sure I have a reasonable chance to finish all my courses this year. I've already made a rough schedule for the next semester, including work, and everything seems to fit in quite nicely. I'll even have some more time left for other activities like my disc flight involvements or working on KDE. (Which reminds me I should not forget to add that Krita's manual is starting to get some shape. Whee :) )

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