01 November 2005


Three cheers for legislation

Yesterday... "Hey, we're searching a team member. Would you like to go to the NWERC?" Erm... Yes, I'd like to. Oops, that means I'll have to get a new identity card real soon now. The old one is quite sloppy, the front side is already partially separated from the back side, and I don't want to get into any troubles at the airport. So although it should be valid for a couple more months, I decided to go and get a new one.
At the municipal office... No madam, I don't have my passport with me as well. Why should I, it hasn't been valid since September 2004. Apparently you have to turn it in, even though it's no longer valid. Joy. Luckily I had nothing really important to do this afternoon, so I could take the train to my mother to get my old passport (I got it when I was under age).
Of course I could have gone the other way, the kind suggestion to report it to the police as missing - even though I knew where it was, I just didn't have it with me - so that I needn't go and retrieve it. First of all I consider that fraud (suggested by the municipal office!) but it would also have cost about four or five times the price of my train ticket.
Tomorrow morning, 8 o'clock, I'll be there again. A good warming-up bicycle tour before my exam on differential equations, which is at nine, roughly at the other side of Delft...
How I love the law... (And yes, I understand why it is this way. But that doesn't mean I like it.)

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