04 November 2005


Happiness is a warm puppy...

"...in other words, happiness slavers, happiness whines, happiness sheds. Happiness plays with a rubber bone."
That's not my real opinion, though. Ivo de Wijs, a Dutch comedian and text writer, once put it this way. I had to think of this quote when I realised that things are going quite well after my dip last year.
For example, I'm quite confident that I finally passed Differential Equations this time. I'm going to Stockholm for the NWERC. I'm able to concentrate more on my studies while still keeping my hobbies. This, and some other things not (yet) worth mentioning, make me feel good. And that in itself makes me feel even better.
Sometimes one just needs a moment of self-reflection -- and the will to see the bright side of life, of course :)
Life is sweet. Didn't I say so before?

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