19 November 2005


BSc in sight, and done with finances

At last... 6/10 for my Differential Equations exam :D
Only 1 more credit point to go for my Bachelors degree, which means that, if I pass my Masters courses this year (which should be possible, it's going well so far), I can start working on my graduation project in September. That would be one year "behind schedule" and given the amount of other stuff I've been doing over the last years, I consider that not too bad :)

On a totally unrelated note, I'm no longer treasurer at our local ultimate association. I've found a successor just in time to safely hand over my position. I'll be serving another term though, but as tournament secretary. About the same amount of work, but less flip-flopping between paperwork and administration workbooks.

So again, I consider myself happy. And hopefully even more to come :)

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