26 November 2005


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

... and as I've been playing enough, I'm not dull ;)
Last Sunday was the first league day of the 05/06 Dutch indoor ultimate season. Even though our team has been promoted to 2nd division, we won 2 out of 4 games and we could have won one more. My throws are getting better and I'm even starting to favour overhead and knife throws over normal ones (I used to be very bad at those).
Tomorrow is the NFB members' meeting, with some kgs of paper to be brought there - by me, of course ;) - our plans for 2006 are to be accepted there in order for us to have backing in executing them. I don't expect much protest, to be honest :)
Time to do the dishes ...

19 November 2005


BSc in sight, and done with finances

At last... 6/10 for my Differential Equations exam :D
Only 1 more credit point to go for my Bachelors degree, which means that, if I pass my Masters courses this year (which should be possible, it's going well so far), I can start working on my graduation project in September. That would be one year "behind schedule" and given the amount of other stuff I've been doing over the last years, I consider that not too bad :)

On a totally unrelated note, I'm no longer treasurer at our local ultimate association. I've found a successor just in time to safely hand over my position. I'll be serving another term though, but as tournament secretary. About the same amount of work, but less flip-flopping between paperwork and administration workbooks.

So again, I consider myself happy. And hopefully even more to come :)

18 November 2005


Paper mess

There used to lie a pile of paper on my table... The current description is that a table is standing under the pile of paper. Luckily for me, I'll be hosting the Force Elektro members' meeting tomorrow, which is reason enough to clean. So, after this short interruption of my most interesting evening, time for bed and more news later, after the house has been tidied up.

15 November 2005


Back from Sweden

The second NWERC I've competed in (the previous was in 2002 in Delft) and again I've been part of the best-ranked team from Delft. We solved one problem each within the first two hours and had another three in the pocket, but were unable to submit these in time. Nevertheless many thanks go to my team mates as it was a fabulous contest.
Add to this the excellent organisation and the nice weather in Stockholm. Result: a great weekend!

04 November 2005


Happiness is a warm puppy...

"...in other words, happiness slavers, happiness whines, happiness sheds. Happiness plays with a rubber bone."
That's not my real opinion, though. Ivo de Wijs, a Dutch comedian and text writer, once put it this way. I had to think of this quote when I realised that things are going quite well after my dip last year.
For example, I'm quite confident that I finally passed Differential Equations this time. I'm going to Stockholm for the NWERC. I'm able to concentrate more on my studies while still keeping my hobbies. This, and some other things not (yet) worth mentioning, make me feel good. And that in itself makes me feel even better.
Sometimes one just needs a moment of self-reflection -- and the will to see the bright side of life, of course :)
Life is sweet. Didn't I say so before?

01 November 2005


Three cheers for legislation

Yesterday... "Hey, we're searching a team member. Would you like to go to the NWERC?" Erm... Yes, I'd like to. Oops, that means I'll have to get a new identity card real soon now. The old one is quite sloppy, the front side is already partially separated from the back side, and I don't want to get into any troubles at the airport. So although it should be valid for a couple more months, I decided to go and get a new one.
At the municipal office... No madam, I don't have my passport with me as well. Why should I, it hasn't been valid since September 2004. Apparently you have to turn it in, even though it's no longer valid. Joy. Luckily I had nothing really important to do this afternoon, so I could take the train to my mother to get my old passport (I got it when I was under age).
Of course I could have gone the other way, the kind suggestion to report it to the police as missing - even though I knew where it was, I just didn't have it with me - so that I needn't go and retrieve it. First of all I consider that fraud (suggested by the municipal office!) but it would also have cost about four or five times the price of my train ticket.
Tomorrow morning, 8 o'clock, I'll be there again. A good warming-up bicycle tour before my exam on differential equations, which is at nine, roughly at the other side of Delft...
How I love the law... (And yes, I understand why it is this way. But that doesn't mean I like it.)

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