10 October 2005


Looks like busy :)

Those were two action-packed weeks ... in the good sense of the word, luckily.

The Delft Programming Championships, our local qualifiers for the BAPC, got a good deal of teams and we're happy that most teams did manage to solve one or more problems - it seems that the problem set was a little too difficult. Nevertheless we got good hope for "the real thing" on October 22nd, by pure coincidence my birthday :)

Then there's the disc. October 2nd was the last outdoor league day and the NFB board organised a "Big Bang" in which every player got a promotional bag with the task to bring one new member to disc sports in the Netherlands. Doubling your amount of members (the plan is to have 1000 members in a couple of years, instead of 450 now) cannot be done by 5 or 10 people. It can if everyone helps - given the ways to do so. We (the board) also have to prepare for the members' meeting next month, where we'll propose our strategy continuation plans.

And of course, studies. In an hour I'll be leaving for Amsterdam, the starting point of the week-long Colloquium in Sustainable Development, a Masters' course especially meant (and required) for people who wish to add a substantial amount of Sustainable Development research to their graduation path. We'll travel by boat to Kampen, Deventer, Arnhem and Utrecht, visiting various companies and doing a couple of lectures and discussions on SD.

So, I'm off... and as you might have guessed, you should behave :)

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