25 October 2005


Free time, at last?

Okay, so the boat week was exhausting, last week was just packed. Preparing Saturday's BAPC took more time than we had expected (and we did expect that...), but the event was great. Although the 40-odd teams managed to crash the judging system during the test session, the real contest saw no problems worth mentioning and we only had to give two textual clarifications.
Only one team did not manage to solve a single problem, and the best teams got 6 out of 8. Indeed two problems were very hard. Nevertheless everyone was quite content, the last people staying for talks and drinks in the centre of Delft until half past two...

This week: relaxing, preparing the exam on differential equations, and finally taking some time to work on the KDE docs as well. Oh, and cleaning up the mess my house currently is, in the meanwhile sorting out the NFB snailmail archives from the last years as well. And preparing the NFB members' meeting.

Hmm... Now where's my spare time?


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