25 September 2005


BAPC 2005, Testing the tests, and Games

With the BAPC 2005 in sight, last week was quite busy. As head of judges, I had to double-check all problems to ensure as much as possible that everything was in order, and that we won't have to send out clarifications to the organisers of the other qualifiying rounds. Luckily I was not without the help of my colleague judges who were extremely helpful. So I think that the qualifiers will form a nice round - as well as the BAPC itself, which we'll concentrate on next.
Furthermore, I've been helping setting up a plan for a 'consultancy task force' to research the testing and screening of CS students. More about that later, if we get there.
And of course we played games the last two Saturdays! Great fun, as usual. Yesterday we played a couple of game of Magic, last week we did all kinds of other games. Such days really help me get fresh energy :)

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