01 September 2005


aKademy: touristic tour and more hacking

Today we had a touristic tour through some major sightseeing spots of Malaga. Quite interesting, although the guide could have put a little more variety in his talk. Afterwards, Sebas, Bram and me went for a sandwich and some postcards, and then went back to the residence by cab. Taxis are really cheap here, for just one or two euros you save a half-hour walk, if you share the ride with some people.
Currently, I'm having coffee and some chocolate bread while my laptop is compiling KDE from branch. Never before has it done so much useful work at the same time: KOffice is recompiling now as well.
The Krita documentation is getting into shape. The outline is there, and I've been working on basic stuff like the introduction. Probably I'll first do the menu reference. That gives me an opportunity to learn Krita by trying everything out, which should make writing the real how-to guide parts easier.

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