01 September 2005


aKademy: Screenshots

There's been a script called makeScreenshots floating around for quite some time, but it has never really been used. When talking to Lauri yesterday evening over dinner, she told me that nobody actually had used it, either because they were not willing to use it (it seemed to be quite unstable at the time), or because it simply didn't work (like on FreeBSD).
Basically the script is a frontend for KD Executor, which generates and replays its own scripts, and is able to take screenshots of the current window or widget and save them. The makeScreenshots script iterates over all installed languages and replays the KD Executor script, thereby recreating the screenshots set up in the script in all languages.
I thought it would be really useful and started some basic hacking on it this afternoon, and after half an hour I was already able to show our docs queen the progress I made. I doubt it is already fully finished, and I'll probably need to fiddle with KD Executor, but it might actually prove useful later on. Especially since Lauri has some other nice ideas, which (when carried out and brought to good use), will make life for documentation writers and translators a lot easier. But more on that later. Back to the Krita docs and my KDE-from-SVN compile...

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