25 September 2005


BAPC 2005, Testing the tests, and Games

With the BAPC 2005 in sight, last week was quite busy. As head of judges, I had to double-check all problems to ensure as much as possible that everything was in order, and that we won't have to send out clarifications to the organisers of the other qualifiying rounds. Luckily I was not without the help of my colleague judges who were extremely helpful. So I think that the qualifiers will form a nice round - as well as the BAPC itself, which we'll concentrate on next.
Furthermore, I've been helping setting up a plan for a 'consultancy task force' to research the testing and screening of CS students. More about that later, if we get there.
And of course we played games the last two Saturdays! Great fun, as usual. Yesterday we played a couple of game of Magic, last week we did all kinds of other games. Such days really help me get fresh energy :)

16 September 2005


Krita docs!

Yesterday was a great day in Krita history - at least for me. The first part of the new, flashy, revised Krita documentation is now in svn. Rejoice :)
Now to add more content...


To-do: Update to-do list

That was actually a to-do I thought of this week. My involvement with all kinds of projects is only growing and sometimes it's quite hard to remember which to-dos I still had to finish. That's what a to-do list is for, you might say. True, but I'm not surprised any longer when I'm reminded of a to-do that still needs te be added to the list in order to remind me of it...
Luckily I made the deliberate choice to do most of the stuff, and my studies, well, I don't dislike that part either. It just adds more dimensions - or should I say dementia in my case? - to the totally spaghetti-like life I'm leading at the moment.

11 September 2005



I should really be sleeping at this time, especially since I've got two frisbee matches tomorrow^Wlater today - but I still hadn't fallen asleep after three hours with all kinds of thoughts going through my mind, so I decided to get up and do some stuff until I'd get tired again. I've already sorted out new additions to my stamps collection and scanned some hundred photographs from my trip through Austria, but still don't feel tired. That moment is still to come, I guess, let's hope it's not in the field as we won't have substitutes today :(

05 September 2005


Back home

Yesterday was filled with traveling, we left for the airport at 12:30 and I was home at 01:00, about an hour later than expected due to the trains between Venlo and Eindhoven not running. Took me a detour over Utrecht. Before I went to bed I couldn't resist taking a look at my server. The harddisk seems near-dead with lots of inodes doing weird things :(
"(Yawn)... What time is it.. 08:10... *JUMP*": Now that's a good start of the net day, having to be at university for a meeting at 08:30. The two mugs of coffee afterwards helped :)
On the way back I bought a new drive, installed a fresh Debian system, and it was all up and running within two hours. I'm getting the hang of it...

03 September 2005


aKademy: More hacking, some frisbee, more beer...

It's all going fairly well over here. The screenshot script is still being improved, the Krita documentation is slowly starting to have some real content, and my cold is actually diminishing.
I played some ultimate yesterday evening with Philip, Inge and some other guys, which was quite exhaustive due to the burning sun, but it really felt well to have some exercise in a week of otherwise just sitting and writing code and text.
We'll have a beach party tonight and I wonder what other surprises they have, it feels like there is something coming up. But it might just be me.
And as this is probably my last blog from over here, this is the place to thank the aKademy organising team for doing a pretty impressive job. Well done!

01 September 2005


aKademy: Screenshots

There's been a script called makeScreenshots floating around for quite some time, but it has never really been used. When talking to Lauri yesterday evening over dinner, she told me that nobody actually had used it, either because they were not willing to use it (it seemed to be quite unstable at the time), or because it simply didn't work (like on FreeBSD).
Basically the script is a frontend for KD Executor, which generates and replays its own scripts, and is able to take screenshots of the current window or widget and save them. The makeScreenshots script iterates over all installed languages and replays the KD Executor script, thereby recreating the screenshots set up in the script in all languages.
I thought it would be really useful and started some basic hacking on it this afternoon, and after half an hour I was already able to show our docs queen the progress I made. I doubt it is already fully finished, and I'll probably need to fiddle with KD Executor, but it might actually prove useful later on. Especially since Lauri has some other nice ideas, which (when carried out and brought to good use), will make life for documentation writers and translators a lot easier. But more on that later. Back to the Krita docs and my KDE-from-SVN compile...


aKademy: touristic tour and more hacking

Today we had a touristic tour through some major sightseeing spots of Malaga. Quite interesting, although the guide could have put a little more variety in his talk. Afterwards, Sebas, Bram and me went for a sandwich and some postcards, and then went back to the residence by cab. Taxis are really cheap here, for just one or two euros you save a half-hour walk, if you share the ride with some people.
Currently, I'm having coffee and some chocolate bread while my laptop is compiling KDE from branch. Never before has it done so much useful work at the same time: KOffice is recompiling now as well.
The Krita documentation is getting into shape. The outline is there, and I've been working on basic stuff like the introduction. Probably I'll first do the menu reference. That gives me an opportunity to learn Krita by trying everything out, which should make writing the real how-to guide parts easier.

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