21 August 2005


One fresh system, one...

Alas, it's no more KDE 3.4 for the moment. A dist-upgrade on my workstation, on which I ran Debian unstable with the experimental KDE 3.4 packages, created a mess in the dependency hell it already was: due to my wanting to run KDE 3.4 on a distro that doesn't officially offer it, I had some mutually exclusive packages which had already made upgrading a head scratch puzzle. The last upgrade had the nice effect of wiping clean my K menu and Control Center, and lots of mimetypes couldn't be read, and some more lovely stuff.
After reverting the system back to 3.3.2 from testing and still a completely messed-up KDE (it really wasn't functional anymore) I decided to do a fresh install of testing, which I knew to install like a breeze (after all, I had it before switching to unstable). A few hours later I had a fresh and working setup with my own old settings. I'll stick to 3.3.2 on this machine for the moment, which has the advantage of being able to run K3B and KOffice as well, which were uninstallable due to the dependency hell I made of it.
The only problem now is that I sort of need 3.4 for checking the Dutch translations. Ruurd already tried to convince me to get SuSE 9.3... I'll get that and install it on my laptop, which I used before to translate on and still has a Dutch KDE installed because of that. Not even "just to do him a pleasure" :)

I would be most interested in what you think of it...
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