06 August 2005


Life Remains Sweet

I can hardly imagine how well things are going at the moment... A month ago I really hadn't hoped on moving this year ("of course, it would be nice if, but let's not count on it"). And now I'm sitting here in my own apartment with a mug of fresh coffee at my side, and the Virgin Classic Rock stream over my laptop speakers :)
Well, as said, today the rest of the stuff will be moved in, and then I can finally clear the floor of all the things that are lying here waiting for a cupboard to be put in. Then if I can also get my oven and washing machine to work (the oven's electrical cord is a couple of inches too short and I'll have to remove the washing machine's plug to fit the cord to the safety switch), I'm almost done. I then still need to buy lots of things, but that's only for raising comfort - practically everything I need is readily available after today.
On a completely different note, the photographs I made in Austria have come out mostly excellent, only some pictures, for which I had to keep the shutter open for more than a second (while holding the camera in my hands, I usually don't take my tripod with me), are a little blurred. Still, not bad.

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