04 August 2005


Halfway settled

Life is sweet... I'm already starting to feel myself quite at home, although the most important things still have to be moved in. With a laptop and a chair I can at least surf around a little, but it would be nice to have the rest of my stuff here as well. Luckily phone and internet connection are working and I have a supermarket at 20 meters, so a basic living is definitely possible.
Tomorrow (Friday) my household appliances will be brought in. Fridge, washing machine, cooking gear... all quite useful things if you want to eat anything that has to be prepared or stored cool, or in case of the washing machine, if you want to have clean clothes for more than a few weeks. Then Saturday we'll be taking the other stuff from my old room and it'll be almost complete. Curtains, table, and other such life-facilitating things will still have to be bought, but that's a matter of doing some shopping :)
I'll then have two full weeks to settle completely and putting all stuff where I want to have it, and then it's time for aKademy -- as if I haven't spent enough money already this summer. Well, can't say I didn't do much...

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