25 August 2005


Back with the living

Apparently there's some flu going around which has been kicking family members, friends, and myself out of business for a few days. I've spent 24 hours doing nothing but coughing and feeling miserable, but things were getting better yesterday afternoon (at least, good enough to convert my server's GUI from IceWM to the better looking KDE 3.3 - it may be using more resources, but I find it nicer to work with, and I decide! Mwuhahaha! *cough*) and I even feel reasonable at the moment. I should, because tomorrow I'll be heading for Malaga :)
So, time to start packing... with my fresh-and-all laptop, and of course my camera. No digital one, alas, so you'll have to get the pictures from someone else's blog, but I promise to leave some random text every now and then. Good enough, Fab?
Behave, and for all my fellow Dutchies who stay at home, may the summer end well and dry.

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Have a great day.
"may the summer end well and dry."

The sadist in me laughs loudly. Dry? In Holland? Ha!
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