29 August 2005


aKademy: The warmth continues

Yesterday saw more tapas. We found a tapateria where the locals were having dinner as well, and feasted upon fish, wine, potatoes, wine, bread, wine, and wine, for about four hours. The total costs were about 90 euros for the six of us. Ridiculously low when compared to Dutch standards. The wine didn't really help getting up early, but we knew that in advance and we had already planned to skip the Trolltech keynote.
After a few overcast hours, the clouds vanished very quickly and the nice damp, warm weather came back again. Luckily the conference rooms are airconditioned and we saw various talks again, subjects ranging from the new multimedia API, via threading, to Qt Designer.
We'll keep it easy tonight and visit some very interesting looking stuff tomorrow, and I'll also be attending the improvised docs team BOF meeting. Then after that I can finally start doing one of the major things I came here for: to start making my way into the docs scene. I've already got quite some ideas for things I want to do, so I should have a reasonable start even in this weather :)
Again, guys/gals at home, behave, daddy will be watching...

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