30 August 2005


aKademy: Docs

After Boudewijn's talk about Krita I have been more and more looking into it and gained a lot of interest in his sometimes amazing app. I already had some plans to contribute more to the documentation project and Krita needs documentation - Boudewijn can't manage to keep it up-to-date while also fully maintaining the app and having other work as well. So, yesterday evening I came upon the idea to offer him to write stuff. He gratefully accepted and so I'm currently compiling KOffice from trunk, to have a first start with looking around in Krita and the rest of the KOffice framework.
On a different note, as a self-proclaimed new member of the documentation team (well, at least I've been hanging around in #kde-docs for a while ;)), I'm proud that Lauri won the aKademy award in the non-contributors category, for her work on the documentation project. Three cheers!
Almost lunch time. Boudewijn mentioned a good supermarket nearby which he was planning to pay a visit to. Perhaps I'll get some stuff there as well, gives me an opportunity to get spare change as well. We had a nice situation yesterday, how to pay 6 euros each, with everyone having 10 (or in one case, 50) euros at the smallest... or things like 42 cents.

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