31 August 2005


aKademy: alcohol and a hypermarket

It's good to meet so many people from different countries, especially when they bring local booze to share. I can't remember all from yesterday evening, but it was almost 2 AM when we went to sleep, having skipped dinner (but with enough "liquid bread" in our bodies not to notice).
And there's a Carrefour hypermarket near the residence, which I visited this morning to get some snacks and bread for the day-long hacking sessions we're planning to do, as well as some beer for the next few evenings. I didn't really feel like it, but could have brought an entirely new set of clothes, a dishwasher, a DVD player, and a few thousand euro loan with me as well. Guess I don't want to be there at rush hour when you can pay at any of the 40-odd cashiers they can put to work...

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