31 August 2005


aKademy: alcohol and a hypermarket

It's good to meet so many people from different countries, especially when they bring local booze to share. I can't remember all from yesterday evening, but it was almost 2 AM when we went to sleep, having skipped dinner (but with enough "liquid bread" in our bodies not to notice).
And there's a Carrefour hypermarket near the residence, which I visited this morning to get some snacks and bread for the day-long hacking sessions we're planning to do, as well as some beer for the next few evenings. I didn't really feel like it, but could have brought an entirely new set of clothes, a dishwasher, a DVD player, and a few thousand euro loan with me as well. Guess I don't want to be there at rush hour when you can pay at any of the 40-odd cashiers they can put to work...


R.I.P. philippos (partially, at least)

When trying to read my mail yesterday, I got a not so pleasant surprise. At first I couldn't figure out why mutt didn't want to open any message, and that I had no new e-mails since that morning, but with the help of some people and my own stubbornness I managed to find out that there is something wrong with the harddisk of my server (philippos), causing the stuff to be mounted read-only.
Luckily I was able to copy all files from my home directory, which includes a few years of mail archive, to my laptop, but it seems like poor Phil hasn't survived the reboot I had to try. I'll see what's wrong with the thing when I get home, but it looks like I need to get a new drive :( -- and until then, no e-mail, alas. IRC is working via the network here at the university, but I'm not going to put lots of effort into getting mail configs right.

30 August 2005


aKademy: Docs

After Boudewijn's talk about Krita I have been more and more looking into it and gained a lot of interest in his sometimes amazing app. I already had some plans to contribute more to the documentation project and Krita needs documentation - Boudewijn can't manage to keep it up-to-date while also fully maintaining the app and having other work as well. So, yesterday evening I came upon the idea to offer him to write stuff. He gratefully accepted and so I'm currently compiling KOffice from trunk, to have a first start with looking around in Krita and the rest of the KOffice framework.
On a different note, as a self-proclaimed new member of the documentation team (well, at least I've been hanging around in #kde-docs for a while ;)), I'm proud that Lauri won the aKademy award in the non-contributors category, for her work on the documentation project. Three cheers!
Almost lunch time. Boudewijn mentioned a good supermarket nearby which he was planning to pay a visit to. Perhaps I'll get some stuff there as well, gives me an opportunity to get spare change as well. We had a nice situation yesterday, how to pay 6 euros each, with everyone having 10 (or in one case, 50) euros at the smallest... or things like 42 cents.

29 August 2005


aKademy: The warmth continues

Yesterday saw more tapas. We found a tapateria where the locals were having dinner as well, and feasted upon fish, wine, potatoes, wine, bread, wine, and wine, for about four hours. The total costs were about 90 euros for the six of us. Ridiculously low when compared to Dutch standards. The wine didn't really help getting up early, but we knew that in advance and we had already planned to skip the Trolltech keynote.
After a few overcast hours, the clouds vanished very quickly and the nice damp, warm weather came back again. Luckily the conference rooms are airconditioned and we saw various talks again, subjects ranging from the new multimedia API, via threading, to Qt Designer.
We'll keep it easy tonight and visit some very interesting looking stuff tomorrow, and I'll also be attending the improvised docs team BOF meeting. Then after that I can finally start doing one of the major things I came here for: to start making my way into the docs scene. I've already got quite some ideas for things I want to do, so I should have a reasonable start even in this weather :)
Again, guys/gals at home, behave, daddy will be watching...

28 August 2005


aKademy: Free, as in beer, for a change

The contiiinuing stoooory...
More interesting talks indeed. And food and drinks, of course, very important. We decided to let ourselves be surprised and order random yet good tapas. Worked out to lay a good foundation for the party with free drinks that Novell offered us in a club in the city center.
We got back at the residence at about 0130h and went to sleep, only to wake up at 8 again to be on time for Boudewijn's talk about Krita. There's not much talks left today I'm really interested in, which means time enough to do some random things: writing stuff, hanging out, relaxing, writing more stuff...

27 August 2005


aKademy: The start

After our nicely on-time arrival in Malaga yesterday, the first few things I noticed here were the temperature (more than 30 degrees C doesn't really fit me), and the language (English isn't really accepted, although the region is supposed to be touristic - waving hands and making grimaces helps, though). Food is good, and it seems like the servings are quite large on average, something to keep in mind for the next week.
The organisation seems okay as well (though some speakers can't keep to their time) and the first talks I've attended were quite interesting and reasonably high-level. That sets a standard for the next ones, we'll see how it works out. Anyway, no reasons to complain up to now. Good.

26 August 2005


Packed up and ready

11 hours and 15 minutes before estimated arrival in Malaga... I'll be leaving in an hour or so, first taking the train to Duesseldorf, which is 3.5 hours from here. Bram and me will arrive there generously on time to catch our 1600h plane, arriving in Malaga at seven.
So, almost everything packed, I only need to clean up the last stuff, pack my personal care thingies, and move! move! move! to a great event. Stay tuned!

25 August 2005


Back with the living

Apparently there's some flu going around which has been kicking family members, friends, and myself out of business for a few days. I've spent 24 hours doing nothing but coughing and feeling miserable, but things were getting better yesterday afternoon (at least, good enough to convert my server's GUI from IceWM to the better looking KDE 3.3 - it may be using more resources, but I find it nicer to work with, and I decide! Mwuhahaha! *cough*) and I even feel reasonable at the moment. I should, because tomorrow I'll be heading for Malaga :)
So, time to start packing... with my fresh-and-all laptop, and of course my camera. No digital one, alas, so you'll have to get the pictures from someone else's blog, but I promise to leave some random text every now and then. Good enough, Fab?
Behave, and for all my fellow Dutchies who stay at home, may the summer end well and dry.

22 August 2005


With a little help from my friends...

And there's my good ol' lappy, purring, and running a SuSE with upgraded KDE, happy as never before... I needed some assistance when KDE crashed and afterwards refused to show a desktop or to run KControl, but Ruurd helped me out - a big thanks, it's running great.
I tend to give each system I work at a slightly different look and feel - mostly similar though, but little different styles - and my laptop now features a gray colour scheme, combined with Danny Allen's Monochrome icon theme. I'll probably have to tweak it a little more, but it is already very pleasing to the eyes (I find) and even makes me relax a little.

21 August 2005


One fresh system, one...

Alas, it's no more KDE 3.4 for the moment. A dist-upgrade on my workstation, on which I ran Debian unstable with the experimental KDE 3.4 packages, created a mess in the dependency hell it already was: due to my wanting to run KDE 3.4 on a distro that doesn't officially offer it, I had some mutually exclusive packages which had already made upgrading a head scratch puzzle. The last upgrade had the nice effect of wiping clean my K menu and Control Center, and lots of mimetypes couldn't be read, and some more lovely stuff.
After reverting the system back to 3.3.2 from testing and still a completely messed-up KDE (it really wasn't functional anymore) I decided to do a fresh install of testing, which I knew to install like a breeze (after all, I had it before switching to unstable). A few hours later I had a fresh and working setup with my own old settings. I'll stick to 3.3.2 on this machine for the moment, which has the advantage of being able to run K3B and KOffice as well, which were uninstallable due to the dependency hell I made of it.
The only problem now is that I sort of need 3.4 for checking the Dutch translations. Ruurd already tried to convince me to get SuSE 9.3... I'll get that and install it on my laptop, which I used before to translate on and still has a Dutch KDE installed because of that. Not even "just to do him a pleasure" :)

20 August 2005


The house's been warmed

Now that my housewarming party is over (still have to do the dishes, urgh) I can officially say that it's mine, according to some standards. Just a few friends came and visited me, but it wasn't less entertaining because of that. We had good laughs, my self-made apple-raisin bread and the rice-with-stuff were appreciated, and everyone got home safely in the end.

18 August 2005


Stamps galore

One of the major advantages of having more space, is that you can spread more stuff around before having to move it out of the way. And so my table is full with stamps and albums - the first time in a couple of years that I really have room to reorganise and sort my collection and what I gained since the last real rework. With thanks to Bart (and his mother) I now have "somewhat more" Australian stamps, looks like I need a dedicated album ;)

15 August 2005


Time flies, if you're having fun

I still cannot really imagine how fast and smooth everything went. But the fact that I'm sitting here and that I see my own room around me, the way I want it, is a dead giveaway.
Next things to do: get back to preparing the 2005 BAPC (Benelux Algorithm Programming Championships), make the KDE Dutch documentation reasonably up-to-date again, prepare for aKademy, ...
You get the point. I'm off to work.

12 August 2005


Let there be light

That was a week of working hard... I don't object against work, especially if the result is nice... but it's tiresome :)
But to say the least, most of the work is done now. Walls are painted, floors are covered, all stuff is from the floor, most stuff actually on the place I want it, and I have almost everything I need. The door needs a repaint and I'll have to buy some more things, but that is minor compared to what we've done so far.
Time to help my fellow KDE Dutchies by fixing their docs, and by creating some problems for this year's programming championships.

07 August 2005


Almost there

It's starting to look really nice. Almost all stuff is off the floor, albeit not on its right place, but that's something for the next days. I have decided upon where I want everything to stand/sit/lay down/(finish the story yourself) and the only thing that withholds me from locating stuff is that I haven't bought it yet ;)
With respect to the IT: both server and desktop are almost completely configured for the new location, and AFAICS my only real problem is the usual, being that the university mailservers don't accept my messages - and who knows which setting I have to change this time.
Time for a cup (cup? mug ;)) of tea...

06 August 2005


Life Remains Sweet

I can hardly imagine how well things are going at the moment... A month ago I really hadn't hoped on moving this year ("of course, it would be nice if, but let's not count on it"). And now I'm sitting here in my own apartment with a mug of fresh coffee at my side, and the Virgin Classic Rock stream over my laptop speakers :)
Well, as said, today the rest of the stuff will be moved in, and then I can finally clear the floor of all the things that are lying here waiting for a cupboard to be put in. Then if I can also get my oven and washing machine to work (the oven's electrical cord is a couple of inches too short and I'll have to remove the washing machine's plug to fit the cord to the safety switch), I'm almost done. I then still need to buy lots of things, but that's only for raising comfort - practically everything I need is readily available after today.
On a completely different note, the photographs I made in Austria have come out mostly excellent, only some pictures, for which I had to keep the shutter open for more than a second (while holding the camera in my hands, I usually don't take my tripod with me), are a little blurred. Still, not bad.

04 August 2005


Halfway settled

Life is sweet... I'm already starting to feel myself quite at home, although the most important things still have to be moved in. With a laptop and a chair I can at least surf around a little, but it would be nice to have the rest of my stuff here as well. Luckily phone and internet connection are working and I have a supermarket at 20 meters, so a basic living is definitely possible.
Tomorrow (Friday) my household appliances will be brought in. Fridge, washing machine, cooking gear... all quite useful things if you want to eat anything that has to be prepared or stored cool, or in case of the washing machine, if you want to have clean clothes for more than a few weeks. Then Saturday we'll be taking the other stuff from my old room and it'll be almost complete. Curtains, table, and other such life-facilitating things will still have to be bought, but that's a matter of doing some shopping :)
I'll then have two full weeks to settle completely and putting all stuff where I want to have it, and then it's time for aKademy -- as if I haven't spent enough money already this summer. Well, can't say I didn't do much...

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