27 June 2005


Men don't grow up...

...their toys get more expensive. I've spent the last few days sorting out and creating backups - I bought myself a new pc and I'm going to reorganise stuff. Nice, finding all sorts of files you've put away "for later".
Luckily, holidays have really kicked in (with a 6/10 for Statistics, whee!) so I can afford a few days of doing very little. Next blog entry will very probably be from my new machine...

15 June 2005


Two down and time for holidays

The second exam went not particularly well, as was to be expected with the tight scheduling. Anyway, no matter if I'll have to give it another go or not, it's all over now. Time to relax, do the things I want to do myself, and have fun. Starting with... a... herring! Eh no. The Duesseldorf tournament this weekend!

14 June 2005


One down, one to go

I'm mentally quite tired at the moment, but got the feeling that the Statistics exam went reasonably well. Next one up tomorrow morning...

12 June 2005


Food and Games

Once in a while some friends get over to play games and have dinner. The problem with those days is that we almost always have more foodstuff after the guests have left then before they came, as some of them are guaranteed to bring fruit, drinks, cookies, or whatever. I gained 2 beers and half a bottle of Bacardi over last night... ah well :)
The game I liked the most yesterday was Mag Blast... quite an easy game, each player has a space ship and some wing ships which can attack neighbouring players, but with one rule: if you don't make a sound while shooting a gun, the shot misses. When playing with us, that results into beam guns going "ratatata", "peef", or "squish". Indeed...

09 June 2005


Network Optimisation... 8 points

Finally! I've received my mark for the Network Optimisation course I took in April last year: due to all sorts of circumstances, grading got delayed and delayed and delayed and ... But at last it's here, 8 out of 10. And this means that, if I pass my next two exams, I'll almost have my B.Sc. degree. Only 1 ECTS credit to go :)

07 June 2005


Wrapping it all up

Almost the end of the academic year. Starting last week with submitting an individual paper and a group practical report, this week features the final presentations for a first year's project I've been assisting in the past two months, and next week I'll have exams for Statistics and Differential Equations (two math exams on two consecutive days, whee...).
More pleasant times lie ahead, though. I've decided to go to aKademy 2005, and there's the preparatory work for the assembly practical I'll be setting up and assisting next year.
And of course I'll have plenty of time to work on other things I like. There's quite some plans up here in my head :)

01 June 2005


Ultimate in the Picture

The "Zo Zit Dat", a Dutch youth magazine, features a four-pages article about Ultimate frisbee, richly illustrated with pictures of PUDS (an Utrecht-based team with quite some good young players) last year's Hargen tournament. I'm curious how many kids it will influence.

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